Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire

ASSQ: Researched, developed, and validated

As a passive state of recovery, sleep is the foundation of an athlete’s individual performance plan. Research has shown that athletes who sleep poorly can’t metabolize glucose as well, become exhausted 11% faster, have longer reaction times, and believe exercising is harder by 18%.

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The Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire has been developed in response to teams and athletes needing to identify sleep issues and the solutions that will have a direct impact on training, recovery, and performance. It’s an online tool that is accessible and easily completed in under 15 minutes. The questionnaire provides an individualized treatment plan and 1-click access to a sleep physician.

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Dr. Charles Samuels, Medical Director, and our team of sleep physicians and behavioural sleep specialists at the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance (CSHP) have worked with athletes for over 25 years. During that time Dr. Samuels has been supported by Own the Podium with a long term sleep research program, treated national team athletes with sleep problems, and acted as a consultant to professional sport teams including the growing area of esports. The CSHP program provides individualized sleep screening, sleep diagnostics, and practical solutions for athletes, with the ideal goal of improving sleep quality so they can train harder, recover faster, and perform better.

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